Bringing light and landscape into an existing heritage building

KeepCup Head Offices

  • Location: Clifton Hill
  • Client: KeepCup
  • Status: Complete
  • Category: Commercial
  • Year: 2019
  • Photography: Rory Gardiner

KeepCup’s new headquarters in Clifton Hill repurposes an existing two-storey brick and concrete warehouse into their principal office and a warehouse for their rapidly developing future. 

KeepCup advocates for a meaningful contribution to the sustainability of our planet and a large component of this project’s scope involved transforming the existing building from a skeletal warehouse into an office building that could be occupied with comfort, and that is as respectful of the environment as KeepCup itself. The entire roof system now captures stormwater for reuse, the building is insulated to limit the need for energy consumption, all materials, systems, appliances, equipment were selected toward this aim.

The project puts people and their relationship with the natural world at the centre of matters. In a building with a deep floorplate and few windows, a first floor garden was introduced to the middle of the floor to provide visual respite, natural light and ventilation options for all the people who work here. The garden is planted with Australian species that provide a seasonally changing palette and constant light play – a window on a world of constant wonder.