The Foundry, West End

West Melbourne


The Foundry is dressed in classic brick and framed by textured concrete, engaging Rosslyn Street to the north and West End’s public plaza to the east.

The Foundry delivers an industrial aesthetic reminiscent of New York loft-style apartments, with a contemporary twist that is both inspired and liveable. Austere black steel, terrazzo and polished concrete are balanced with elegant marble, brass detail and delicate glass in various forms, while exposed red sprinkler pipes accent a monochromatic scheme.

Every detail has been considered, from stained glass to mesh steel. In each apartment, black bolted steel and joinery work together to reflect the craftsmanship of local blacksmiths, embellished by touches of neon, stained glass trims, brass kickers and timber herringbone parquetry.


Trennery Property Group

185 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne