Middle Park Hotel

Middle Park



The Middle Park Hotel is a pub, a restaurant and – unlike many other ‘hotels’ – it is actually a hotel! Six Degrees re-designed all of these elements including 25 guest rooms with the aim of bringing a modern relevance to the neglected pub.The hotel is unapologetically sporty, which provided a unique design brief for Six Degrees: to create an entirely new, contemporary fit out that embraces sporting culture and retains the historical ambience of the 1889 building. The result is both sophisticated and comfortable, with a slightly nostalgic sense of an old world travelers club.

Upstairs, every guest room is unique, but each is designed to include all the elements of a hotel ‘suite’- somewhere to sit, to serve drinks, to entertain and to work and write. Throughout, the interior aims to create an experience dissimilar to being at home, from the materials used to the positioning of showers and mirrors in the bathrooms.

Patrick Rodriguez
The Melbourne Pub Group
102 Canterbury Rd, Middle Park
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