La Vita Buona




La Vita Buona is another of the specialty retail spaces commissioned to Six Degrees by the Marriner Group, as part of the revitalization/ activation of the Melbourne City Square, after the construction of the Westin Hotel.

A combination wine store, bar and deli, the store frontage is very narrow, with the site opening as you venture further into the space. Our design plays on this by creating an almost subterranean feel appropriate for a cool, dark wine cellar.

The design incorporates a series of small catacomb type spaces with a larger function room at the back to provide and intimacy and rhythm to the journey through the overall space. The functional requirement for displaying a large volume of wine within the store contributes to both to its aesthetic and to the experience of patrons.

Patrick Rodriguez
& Greg Elms
Marriner Theatre
Swanston St, Melbourne
Monument, Apr/May 2009