Boatbuilders Yard

hotels & hospitality


Located in the underutilised, maritime precinct of the Yarra River, this project aims to revitalise the area bringing a human scale to a harsh and intimidating open space.  The proposal was to transform the site into a new hospitality venue, The Boat Builder’s Yard, to encourage occupation of the site by both visitors to the Polly Woodside and locals from South Bank and Docklands.

To activate the new riverside walk, the project needed to negotiate a balance between the human scale and the surrounding sizeable buildings. The strategy for this was conceptually based on the Japanese model of pavilions within a naturalized landscape. The intent was to create intimacy and interest for patrons within a large setting.

Intentionally, the site is left as a permeable pedestrian zone, with multiple points of entry and the ability to traverse the site in a number of directions, encouraging people to cut through the site on their way to their actual destination.