Hawthorn West
Primary School




This large extension to the historic brick building at Hawthorn West Primary School. It was developed under the BER programme to a very tight timeframe of four months for design and documentation. The extension includes nine classrooms in a flexible, interconnected layout, and a large teaching external roof deck.

This project enabled the school to retire twelve portable classrooms, and deliver purpose-designed classroom spaces which are multipurpose but also separable. The configuration enables mixed mode teaching, supporting teachers and students to engage in a number of different ways. An innovation thar the school valued immensely, and which was designed as an addition to the original brief, was our provision of an external learning space on the large roof terrace, so that students could work outside, but without becoming distracted by the broader school playground activities.


Greg Elms
Hawthorn West Primary School
16 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn