Deakin University
Burwood Library



The modern university library has become the default meeting, and socializing space for students. Part of our brief was to remove the “shhhh!” factor from the Library while still facilitating traditional uses and quiet study.We pursued the concept of the Library as a “village” where main ‘streets’ take most of the traffic, and secondary circulation paths lead people to different pockets of activity. We designed a series of key village destinations includingthe ‘village green’ – acentral, informal meeting space and group study area; ‘Active squares’- housing various uses such as computer labs, a gallery & checkout, and ‘Pocket parks’ - providing eddies away from the main study area and lounge spaces for relaxationThe intention was to provide a range of possible spaces for students to choose from depending on their need to study needs within an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and dynamic.

Patrick Rodriguez
Deakin University
Burwood Highway, Burwood
The Age, May 2015