St. Mary's
House of

aged care & community


This project saw the refurbishment and extension of the existing premises of St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy - an organization that offers help and services to disadvantaged and homeless members of the community. The aim of the works was to provide a more welcoming and comfortable place for clients as well as a better, more efficient workplace for staff.

The design aims to create a comfortable place for communication, discussion and promoting relationships - particularly through the internal courtyard which provides an informal meeting space for socialising. Many clients are smokers so it is likely that the courtyard area will always be active - the new active heart of the community centre.

The finished aesthetic is that of a warm, positive place and a celebration of the pre-existing community centre. The materials used create a comfortable environment, not a utilitarian one while still being incredibly robust.

Patrick Rodriguez
2010 AIA (Vic.) Public Architecture (Alterations) Award
Artichoke, Apr 2009